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2018 New Year Special!

Tandem Skydive


Save over 25%!


  • Hands-on briefing with a certified instructor
  • Tandem gear, jumpsuit, altimeter, goggles, and helmet rental
  • Plane ride with scenic National Park views
  • Freefall over historic battlefield
  • 6-8 minute parachute ride
  • Jump certificate
  • Retail price: $299.00
  • Note: Customers over 200 lbs may be accommodated, safety permitted, for an additional fee.

Add ons:



  • Professionally filmed video including freefall, canopy ride, and landing



  • 100-200 high quality photos capturing the entire experience, from take off to landing

Double The Freefall


  • Double your freefall time!
  • Extended scenic flight
  • Up to a 50 second freefall, weather permitting

Training Tandem


  • Additional training objectives include:
  • Train to open your own parachute
  • Learn to perform a parachute control check
  • Navigate and steer parachute back to landing zone
  • Land the Parachute with assistance, safety permitted
  • Signed log of jump
  • Great for those interested in becoming licensed skydivers
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